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Dakota Region is comprised of the great states of North and South Dakota. We welcome all Porsche owners to join our group. 

Interests within our Porsche family vary from racing, to social activities, to driving and touring - oh, yes, and also, eating!  Regular events are scheduled in the calendar year to highlight those activities.  We also offer some "pop up" events to keep members in the mix.

Connect with us via our contacts and we would be thrilled to tell you more about our wonderful group.

              "It's not just the cars, it's the people!"

Use the links above to search for the information you need at our website.

For information on joining PCA and the Region, follow this link:

2.4 Hours of Dakota!!

The Market Grille at Hy Vee on Sycamore in Sioux Falls was transformed on February 25th from solely a fabulous dining emporium to the fastest racetrack in the region! The 2.4 Hours of Dakota Hot Wheels event morphed the eatery into a raucous – “no-holds-barred; living on the edge” - racing hotspot. Thirty-four cars and their drivers competed for the coveted “Carrera Cup”. The action was intense and the heats were watched with great anticipation and also, with great care, by the track official and 2.4 HoD entrepreneur – John Mollison. As the races progressed, the numbers dwindled and the winner of the Carrera Cup was none other than Jacklyn Mollison, racing her
Italian/German/Japanese/American-fusion trick mobile. The second and third place winners were Laura Smith Hill and Jamie Lennon, winning likewise
fabulous prizes in identical Porsche 993 GT3’s. The gears are moving forward in preparation for next year’s event and the participants are enthusiastically
ready for re-matches. Many, many thanks to our sponsors: Market Grille; Fernson Brewery and Riccardo Tarabelsi; Porsche of Omaha and Mitch Schneringer; the staff of the national office of the Porsche Club of America; Mollison Brand Advocates; Nolasoft;  & Steam Digital. Thanks to everyone for helping to raise $1500 for the benefit of Lutheran Social Services’ New Americans' fund!
Brunch Patrol - Le Mans Style!!
17 June 2017
Practice that heel-toe technique
for a fun drive starting at Ode To
Good Food, 300 N Cherapa Pl,
Sioux Falls, SD at 9 AM, sharp!
The tour will end back at Ode
at 11 AM,  in order to partake in
their delicious menu and also to
watch the 24 Hours of Le Mans,
which will then be in its 3rd hour.
Give an RSVP to Lee Lunde at by
16 June.  Meet at the 6th Street
parking lot at Cherapa Place.
Father’s Day Car Show – Sunday, June 18, 9:00-11:00 a.m. Asbury will host its third annual Father’s Day Car Show on the north lawn. Come enjoy some free refreshments, friendly conversation and classic cars. Shine and show your car or motorcycle. Invite a friend. (Contact Dick Campbell, 271-6692, if you plan to bring a vehicle.)