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Dakota Region is comprised of the great states of North and South Dakota. We welcome all Porsche owners to join our group. 

Interests within our Porsche family vary from racing, to social activities, to driving and touring - oh, yes, and also, eating!  Regular events are scheduled in the calendar year to highlight those activities.  We also offer some "pop up" events to keep members in the mix.

Connect with us via our contacts and we would be thrilled to tell you more about our wonderful group.

              "It's not just the cars, it's the people!"

Use the links above to search for the information you need at our website.

For information on joining PCA and the Region, follow this link:

A reminder that Run For The Hills registration is open

and the Run will be limited to 40 cars only

this year.

Don't be disappointed.  There are 32 already.

Register now and also get your room at the K Bar S.

For SD residents interested in the status of

the Specialty License Plate Legislation

you may access it here.

Location of February 23rd

Social Gathering is being changed

Grille 26, 1716 S Western Ave., Sioux Falls
See information on the 50th DRPCA
anniversary party in June
with this link